Why Physical Activity is so Important for Children

You may have heard that Canadian children lag behind in their physical activity levels compared to 14 other countries. This Globe and Mail article discusses what makes Canada lag behind the global average in active lifestyles for youth.

At Childventures, we believe physical activity is of upmost importance and try to encourage an active lifestyle for our students.

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Active Play

Our teachers spend time with our children and promote participation in sports, active games, and physical activity. Children should be encouraged to participate in activities they feel comfortable with and discover the physically active lifestyle that is suitable for them. While some children do well in team sports, others enjoy tasks like gardening or individual activities like biking. Allowing them to find out what they are successful at and what they like to do can help encourage an active lifestyle for years to come.

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Screen-Free Time

Children need time away from television, phones, and computers in order to explore the world around them. Encouraging screen-free time allows children to discover and connect to the world around them. They learn that there is plenty to do away from their screens!

Having trouble getting your child away from their computer or television? Here are some tips for limiting a child’s screen time.


nutritious meals


Nutritious meals

An important part of every active lifestyle is a healthy diet to match! Childventures provides meals for children from our head chef. These healthy meals ensure the children have the proper nutrition and energy to continue being active and healthy!

Camp Promotes Outdoor Summer Activity

Our summer camp program encourages children to spend their summers outside and exploring! Their sense of adventure and learning is heightened and physical activity is promoted in different ways throughout the summer. Whether they are on a trip, swimming, playing sports, or going through obstacle courses, our Childventures camp keeps children active!


Tell us how you keep your children healthy and active!



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