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About Childventures

About Childventures Early Learning system

Bringing out the best in your child

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First established in 2002 as Pathways Academy for Children, Childventures Early Learning Academy has developed an excellent reputation within the childcare field as a leader in child development. We offer early childhood education programs unlike anything else available in Canada. Our blended curriculum incorporates the very best teaching methods from Baby Signs and High Scope® to Montessori and Core Knowledge®, all carefully designed to enhance your child’s development and stimulate their mind.

At Childventures, our focus is on adventures in learning – in helping children see the exciting possibilities in the world around them as they grow and experience life. It’s no coincidence that our logo is CV – the same initials as curriculum vitae. In Latin, the words curriculum vitae translate to “course of life.” At Childventures, we help prepare children on their own “course of life” and use our time together to create the building blocks of life-long learning.

The advantage your child deserves.

Montessori + High Scope® + Core Knowledge® + Baby Signs in a magical, inspiring environment

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We care deeply about your child as an individual. Our team is dedicated to providing a happy, safe, and stimulating environment designed to bring out the best in your child.

How does Childventures measure up to other early learning options?

Here’s a chart that shows you how we compare: Choosing for your child checklist

Our Mission

To partner with families to develop children to their fullest potential with care, respect and love. To nurture a child’s desire to learn, experience success and enjoy the uniqueness of our blended curriculum.


Childventures currently has 8 locations, which can be found in Aurora, Mississauga, Milton, Ancaster, Burlington, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Oakville. You can learn more about each Childventures campus by visiting the link to their respective pages.


At Childventures, we have always had a strong emphasis on creative programming that keeps children of any level engaged. Our programing levels are broken up by age into the following categories: infants, toddlers, preschool, and JK/SK. We also provide before and after school programs, as well as camps, for both March break and Summer break. To learn more about the various programs that we offer, please visit our programs page.


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Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds
We know that fast food actually slows a child’s learning development – and that nutritious food supports learning and overall health. Our “Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds” ensure your child receives fresh, balanced and nutritious meals every day. View More About Nutrition See our Chef and visit our menu