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Nutrition For Kids

Food for thought

Nutritious menu to fuel active minds

The CV food program is founded on the philosophy that good nutrition is the fuel that powers active minds. Each of our childcare centres have a professional chef who freshly prepares all meals on-site in our nut-free professional kitchens. Sourcing the highest quality ingredients, diverse menus are created to introduce children to new flavours, textures and world cuisines while being adaptable, respecting religious and allergy restrictions.

Optimizing children’s development

The CV nutrition program subscribes to the healthy body, healthy mind way of life. CV has a head chef and a paediatric dietitian guiding the development of the nutrition program. Under their watchful eye, the CV food program consists of menus that are nutritionally dense, seasonally appropriate, nut-free, locally sourced and made from scratch whenever possible. All while being delicious plus child and nutritionist approved!

CV Kitchen guarantees :

  •  Nutritionally dense foods
  • Sustainable & wild-caught fish
  • Grains low in salt & sugar
  • No nuts, shellfish, pork or whole eggs
  • Vegetarian options daily
  • Plant-based proteins available

Family-style dining

At CV we believe in family-style dining as a practical life learning opportunity. Family-style dining teaches children to serve their own individual portions from larger serving dishes empowering them to make their own food choices and improving their fine motor skills in the process. The children are also taught to properly set a table and clean-up by scraping their plates after the meal is complete. Meal time is sacred family time, whether at home or at school. Our educators dine with the children, fostering socialization opportunities during the mealtime ritual. Family-style dining is an important component of our nutrition program.
CV invests in private chefs at each campus to deliver nutritious and child-approved meals every single day.
Professional chef
A bountiful continental breakfast is served daily to help busy parents who are strapped for time in the mornings.
Continental breakfast
Each CV child receives breakfast, lunch and two snacks so that they can fully engage in their academic pursuits.
Healthy body, healthy mind

Child approved menu

We use the highest quality, fresh ingredients in all of our menu offerings. Each dish is nutritious, delicious and child-approved.

Sample weekly menu

Chicken meatballs with pasta & vegetables
Roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and green beans
Mac & cheese with cauliflower
Breaded haddock with lemon rice & vegetables
Beef stew with potatoes and vegetables