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Ensuring grade 1 readiness
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Set your child up for future success

The Childventures Kindergarten program has one primary goal: to ensure that our graduates are confident and have developed intellectual habits to prepare them for grade one and beyond. Our evidence-based, thoughtfully prepared curriculum promotes positive attitudes towards school and lifelong learning. Our Kindergarten educators guide students towards academic readiness and emotional stability while building their social confidence and allowing them creative freedom. A CV graduate is a confident learner and an empathetic citizen part of a tight-knit community. Please note, Childventures North York does not offer a JK/SK program.

Building confident learners

Children in this age group are intensely curious and very social. Montessori activities become increasingly complex and abstract as the students’ capabilities develop and grow. Our students are also given the opportunity for a higher level of creative expression through collaborative project work in their Core Knowledge classes. Educators will continually challenge students academically while remaining responsive to individual needs. Our JK/SK program nurtures these “great brains” as they hone their social skills, develop empathy and continue on their journey towards becoming confident lifelong learners.


A structured curriculum model empowers children to learn at their natural pace in carefully curated environments.

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Core Knowledge

A sequential learning model that strengthens natural creativity & fosters emotional intelligence.

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The STEM approach provides the opportunity to focus on science and math foundations, introducing the brain to different experiences during the critical stage of cognitive development.

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Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics teaches children to connect phonemes (the smallest units of sound) to their corresponding graphemes (the letters that represent sounds), promoting a solid foundation for decoding and encoding words.

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Elevate their education

Our academic Kindergarten program blends creativity with structured learning, shaping young minds for a future of knowledge and success. Our JK/SK children have daily small group learning opportunities where they are introduced to an enhanced curriculum including art, music, drama, physical education and computer science. Students are introduced to an enhanced curriculum including lessons in art, music, drama, physical education and computer science.
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Bright, spacious rooms

Our academies are bathed in natural light thoughtfully designed with young learners in mind.
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Classroom ratio

We maintain a 1:13 teacher-to-child ratio so your little one will have all the attention and care they need and the opportunity to interact and socialize with peers.
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Virtues program

Children are exposed to 24 different virtues, such as respect and integrity, which they are encouraged to emulate by their educators.
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Grade 1 readiness

Each Childventures graduate will enter grade one with a confidence rooted in their love of learning.

Key development milestones

By the end of the JK/SK program, Childventures graduates will be able to:

  • Recognize and name upper and lowercase letters
  • Identify basic colours in French
  • Locate and identify key landmarks and animals
  • Associate numerals with quantity
  • Develop visual recognition of teen numbers
  • Develop phonetic recognition of letters
  • Locate and identify key landmarks around the world
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