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Stimulating intellectual curiosity

The CV Preschool program is a vibrant, experiential learning environment for your little explorer. We provide a holistic program that harnesses the power of two scientifically-proven, time honoured curriculums balancing both left and right brain learning. Children’s imaginations will be captured through our comprehensive program including art, music, movement, technology and drama lessons. Our educators provide an enriching experience designed to build self-exploration and self-confidence laying the foundation for a love of learning. Unlike other childcares, our Preschool program is not solely based on unstructured play time.

Give your child the best start possible

Unlike other childcares, our Preschool program is not solely based on unstructured play time. Through our proprietary blend of Montessori and Core knowledge curriculums, we develop the whole child through both independent and educator guided learning opportunities.


A structured curriculum model empowers children to learn at their natural pace in carefully curated environments.

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Core Knowledge

A sequential learning model that strengthens natural creativity & fosters emotional intelligence.

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Unleashing the power of learning

Our well-rounded approach to early education allows children to thrive, no matter their learning style. Through a blend of structured lessons and creative exploration, we cultivate a foundation of literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking skills. Each child is encouraged to learn at their own pace, while having fun along the way. The CV Preschool program lays the foundation for JK/SK and beyond.
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Unlimited camera access

We provide all-day camera access to ensure your peace of mind with your little one never more than a click away.
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Classroom ratio

We maintain a 1:8 teacher-to-children ratio so your little one will have all the attention and care they need.
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The STEM approach provides the opportunity to focus on science and math foundations, introducing the brain to different experiences during the critical stage of cognitive development.
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Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics teaches children to connect phonemes (the smallest units of sound) to their corresponding graphemes (the letters that represent sounds), promoting a solid foundation for decoding and encoding words.

Key development milestones

By the end of our Preschool program, your child should be able to:

  • Identify and express physical sensations using words
  • Display predictive reasoning (e.g. predict events in a story)
  • Prepared for printing on lined paper
  • Sustain a verbal interchange with another person
  • Classify objects according to size & function
  • Collect and use appropriate tools for a particular task
  • Produce artwork using a variety of mediums and techniques
  • Use a musical instrument to imitate a sequence of 3 sounds
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