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Active learning throughout purposeful play
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Achieving results through active learning

Founded over 50 years ago, HighScope is a collaborative and creative approach to learning for infants and toddlers that acts as a stepping stone to the Core Knowledge curriculum. One of the hallmarks of the HighScope program is the Plan-Do-Review sequence where children choose and plan their activities, complete them and review the results. Open-ended materials encourage toddlers to be active participants in their learning and work with their peers to problem-solve while building their social skills.

Key benefits of the HighScope curriculum

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Children work together in small groups towards a common activity goal. These experiences cultivate cooperation.
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Creative expression

We empower children to let their imagination take the lead during activities that support creative expression.
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Sequential learning

Activities are set up in a way that continuously build on previous learning, in an effective and proven sequence.

Key elements

  • Fine motor development

    Fine motor development

    Fine motor development is a key milestone within the Toddler program as children gain control and strength of the small muscles controlling the hand, fingers and thumb. This is a core aspect of the HighScope curriculum as it is foundational for pre-writing skill, develops coordination and sets children up for future self- care skills. Threading, weaving and manipulating small objects allows children to stimulate small muscle development while also supporting their concentration and problem- solving skills.

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  • Open-ended materials

    Open-ended materials

    The HighScope classroom includes open-ended materials that can be manipulated in a number of ways. This allows children to problem solve and develop their critical thinking skills as they consider all of the ways that the items can be used. Loose parts are a common example, which offer endless ways to identify, categorize and explore the materials. The opportunity for toddlers to make their own choices and problem-solve on their own engages them in their academic journey and will promote later critical thinking skills and enhances brain capacity.

  • Creative expression

    Creative expression

    Studies have shown that exposing children to art and music in the early years develops their brain capacity, fine motor development and problem-solving skills. Art and music allow children to process the world around them and express themselves in a way that other mediums cannot support. The opportunity to process emotions through art and music is proven to support children’s future emotional intelligence. Best of all, children adore creative activities and are thrilled when our team shows off their artwork to their families through our communication app.



The HighScope curriculum is applied in the following programs
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Age: 0-18 Months

Leaving your infant in someone else’s care for the first time can be daunting for many families but our nurturing and experienced Infant educators support this transition and form secure bonds that allow children to thrive.

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Age: 18-30 Months

Our vibrant Toddler program fosters creativity and curiosity through activities designed to develop the whole child. Our educators instill a deep-rooted love of learning by engaging toddlers in purposeful play and discovery.

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