Make A Splash! 5 Essential Water Safety Tips

On a hot day there is nothing better than jumping into a cold pool or running through a sprinkler. It’s the best way to cool down (other than a popsicle, maybe)! However, pools, beaches and lakes all pose a safety issue. It’s important that you follow some key safety precautions to ensure that everyone is having a fun and safe time. Keep these tips in mind this summer when you’re with your children around water.

Essential Water Safety Tips

1. Swimming Lessons

This seems like a no-brainer but many parents forgo this option in favour of teaching their children themselves or assuming they will pick it up somehow. This isn’t the case or even close to the best option. Research local pools in your area that will teach your children the necessities!

2. Drama Queen

Act it out! Before you get to a beach or pool, make a game or make-believe scenario wherein your children is in a water setting. Get them to practice being safe and responsible around the make-believe water so when they get to the real thing, they’re a pro.

3. Float On

Nowadays there are so many stylish options for water floatation devices. Some swimsuits even have built in floaties! Visit your local stores to suss out some safe and stylish options that both you and your child will be happy with.

4. Create A Plan

It’s so important that everyone in your family is able to recognize the signs of a swimmer in trouble and what to do in case of an emergency. Have a well though out and practiced plan if something should happen. This will reassure both yourself and your children when it comes to pool time.

5. Have Fun!

Pools, beaches and lakes are so much fun in the summertime! While it’s important to stay cautious and alert, you’re also allowed to relax and enjoy. Be mindful but also splash around and take advantage of the water!

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