The Leader In Me: Unity

children painting together

Unity, the act of a group being joined as a whole, is a virtue that is important for leadership. The unity of a group gives the leader someone to lead to begin with. A good leader must be able to foster unity from a group – a good leader will have the ability to motivate people to come together. Whether the leader’s supporters will physically gather to listen to what the leader has to say or whether a group is uniting on an idea or opinion, unity is important. A great leader will bring people together rather than separate them.

By teaching children the importance of unity, they are able to experience the benefits of working together as a part of a team as opposed to working as opposing forces. They learn to help one another and support one another. A child that is a leader does not necessarily have to be an excellent public speaker, able to unite a crowd with charisma. Unity also comes from individual interactions. A child who is able to comfort someone else and allow them to feel included also exemplifies leadership qualities through the virtue of unity.

children building together

Here are some of the ways children at Childventures Early Learning Academy practice unity:

We practice unity at Childventures by:

  • Treating all children and parents as members of one human family
  • Seeing the gifts in differences of each other
  • Refusing to join in when others express any signs of prejudice
  • Solving conflicts through listening and finding solutions
  • Caring for the earth and all living things
  • Acting like peacemakers wherever we may go

Learn more about how we practice unity by watching this video:

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