Leader in Me – Kindness

kind to friends

The quality of kindness is often overlooked as a trait for leadership. Kindness is viewed as a weakness, and more assertive traits are often more valued when it comes to leadership positions. We believe when it comes to true leadership, it’s quite the opposite! A kind leader is able to inspire, to assist, and empathize with their followers. Here is how being a kind leader sets you apart:

Kindness is Unique

Everyone is kind in their own way. Your personal brand of kindness showcases your personality and allows you to empathize with people on different levels. One child may feel more comfortable complimenting his friends, another might show kindness by letting others join in her games, and others may show kindness with gifts. Each of these ways is unique to the personality of the individual and all these act of kindness should be equally appreciated.

Kindness Makes You a Better Person

kind to each other

This goes without saying, but if you live your life with the intention of being kind, good things will follow. Your social life will improve and your outlook in life will be more positive. In a leadership role, this means when you’re kind to your followers, they will be kind back to you!

When it’s Hard to be Kind

Sometimes it’s difficult to be kind. Even leaders make mistakes. One of the best ways to be kind, even when it’s difficult, is to practice it from a young age and practice it often. That’s what we do here at Childventures!

Here’s how:

Through our virtues programme, we learn about kindness and brainstorm ways that we can help people in need. We also teach the children about bucket filling. What’s bucket filling? Well, we teach children that  when someone is feeling sad they have an empty bucket and to fill their bucket we can do thoughtful things like help a friend or tell them nice things, the more positive and kind gestures the quicker they will have a full bucket.

To help learn about bucket filling and kindness, we read books like How Full is Your Bucket by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer  or Have You Filled Your Bucket Today by Carol McCloud.

reading about kindness

We also play games that require taking turns, which allows children to practice a number of virtues, kindness included. Some of these games include, Bug in a Rug, show and share, and watering a plant to take care of it.

Children can also learn about kindness by learning about helping people. Childventures provides the opportunity to help others through annual drives. We have drives that provide new unwrapped gifts for the under privileged as well as an annual Halloween Scare Hunger Away food drive.


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