The Leader in Me – Excellence

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Excellence means doing your best! When you show the virtue of excellence you do your best and give careful attention to every task and relationship.

Leaders exhibit excellence because they seek the best possible way to accomplish their goals. They practice excellence even when they don’t see the results right away, because excellence is a long-term virtue. A leader has to practice a task in order to be able to show excellence in it; sometimes it takes practice or learning to accomplish excellence. The desire to practice a task until you achieve excellence in it is actually a way to show excellence.

When children show excellence in everything they do, they are leaders at that task! They can show excellence in anything they do; whether, it’s drawing a picture, making a friend, tying their shoes, or playing a sport. Practicing excellence in everything a child does is the key to success!

At Childventures, students practice excellence by completing a task from start to finish, understanding their mistakes and learning from them, and modelling behaviour for others. Our teachers encourage children to problem solve when things don’t go as planned.

We have to remember to give our best to whatever we do, set noble and realistic goals, give our best to our relationships, remember to plan and practice, and develop our special gifts.

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