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Virtual JK/SK Information Night at Childventures
Enhanced Health and Safety Practices

Ensuring the safety of all children and team members.

COVID-19 Protocols
Feels like a home

A warm, stimulating environment
that feels like a home away from home.

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Preschool Program

Montessori and Core Knowledge® curriculum
models foster love of learning and discovery

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Before & After School Programs
Before & After School

A safe, stimulating extension of
your child’s learning adventure

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Now Hiring Educators at Childventures
Now Hiring Educators

We are currently looking for experienced and inspired
Full-Time Registered Early Childhood Educators for various ages.


The Advantages of our
Early Learning Academy

Remember when life was all a big adventure?

When you were a child, you explored the world with wonder, tried new things and genuinely had fun when you learned something for the first time.

At Childventures Early Learning Academy, we nurture that sense of adventure. Our environment makes early childhood education interesting and interactive, encouraging a sense of exploration and a positive attitude towards learning that will last for life.

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360 Learning - childventures

The advantage your child deserves.

Montessori + High Scope® + Core Knowledge® + Baby Signs in a magical, inspiring environment

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5 reasons for choosing Childventures

Childventures early childhood education programs foster healthy development and encourage a love of learning.

Infant Early Learning Program


Zoom Infant - Early Learning Program
Toddler Early Learning Program


Zoom Toddler - Early Learning Program
Preschool Education Program


Zoom Preschool - Education Program
Junior & Senior Kindergarten Learning Programs


Zoom JK / SK Kindergarten Learning Programs
Camps For Children


Zoom Childventures Camps For Children
Early learning for Infants to SK

Childventures early childhood education programs foster healthy development and encourage a love of learning.

We use a blended curriculum that takes the best of three world-renowned teaching methods and combines them into one enriched program.

High Scope®, Core Knowledge®, Montessori and Baby Signs methods all help your child develop into a successful learner

and a human being thats truly interested in the world around them.

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Child Development Program
Learn More About our Child Development Program

If you would like to find out more about what the Childventures environment can offer, & to view a detailed breakdown of our various programs.

Childventures Early Learning Academy

At Childventures Early Learning Academy we partner with families in the development of children to their fullest potential. Our children are offered the highest quality childcare services and instill in young minds the importance of moral values, character formation and respect for others.

We provide a healthy and safe environment that meets children’s emotional, social, intellectual and physical needs. This helps them make the transition to grade 1 smoother and easier; and equipping them with a solid foundation for future learning.

Our Childcare centres are located in Milton, Burlington, Vaughan, Ancaster, Richmond Hill, Oakville, Mississauga and Aurora. We provide full day programs from infancy to to full day JK/SK at all of these centres, and proudly service the areas of Bolton, Concord, Kleinburg, Nashville, Thornhill, Oakville and Hamilton.

Our early childhood education curriculum – a fine blend of Montessori, High Scope®, Core Knowledge® and Baby Signs helps children improve their reading, writing and math skill and stimulates their overall development. Also, fostering a love for humanity and an interest in the world around.

Childventures Early Learning Academy
Contact Childventures Today
Contact Childventures Today

It would be a privilege to be part of your child's learning adventure. Fill out the form below for our team to contact you.

Our Childcare Centres Fostering Overall Child Development Through:
  • Reading, Writing & Math Skills
  • Montessori, High Scope®, Core Knowledge® and Baby Signs Curriculum
  • Outdoor Camps — Adventure, Learning & Fun
  • Science Experiences
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Geographical Awareness
  • Drama & Music
  • Community Field Trips
  • Sports
  • Group Activities
Facilities Available at all Our Childcare Centres

  • Security - Biometric Hand/Fingerprint Scanners
  • Ambiance - Warm, Safe & Comfortable Environment
  • Campus - Designed to Stimulate Learning & Play
  • Indoor & Outdoor Playgrounds for Each Age Group
  • Nutrition - Fresh, Balanced, Nutritious Meals -Adhere to Canada’s Daily Food Guide
  • Specialty Rooms - Pursue Creative Interests like Music, Arts, and Drama etc
  • Hygiene - Professional Cleaning Staff

Our Focus

At Childventures, our goal is to provide your child with a strong base of both cognitive and social skills, ensuring that they are prepared and excited for the transition into Grade 1. After graduating from our early childhood education SK program, your child will have a strong grasp on the critical thinking, problem solving, and self-awareness skills. They can continue to build upon these skills throughout their life.

  • To Impart Early Learning in a Safe, Supportive and Stimulating Environment
  • Instill Moral Values & Help in Character Formation
  • Make Transition to Grade 1 Smoother & Easier
  • To Provide Opportunities for Experimental Learning
  • To Help Children Develop a Passion
  • To Provide Children With Opportunities to Learn & Play Together
  • To Help Children Develop Life Skills and Foster Self Confidence
  • Encourage Children to Socialize and Develop Social Skills
  • Develop a Sense of Discipline
  • Encourage Critical Thinking and Independence

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