March is Nutrition Month!

Learning About Nutrition Month

This March, the Dietitians of Canada are promoting Nutrition Month with the theme of Eating 9 to 5, which means eating healthy at work! For us at Childventures, this means eating healthy at school too!

The nutrition program at Childventures is structured to both provide our students with the healthiest options as well as teaching them how to make healthy choices themselves.

Your child’s day begins with a daily breakfast that may consist of waffles, oatmeal, muffins, multigrain bagels, fresh fruit salad, cereal and more healthy options! This way you know they’re off to a healthy start.

At lunch, your child will receive a healthy item from our rotating menu that is updated every three months – this way you know your children can experience a variety of food options. Lunch is served family style, which we believe teaches your child important nutritional values.

Fresh fruit and water are available throughout the day – so that your child can eat whenever they feel hungry and learn to sense when they are hungry.

Wondering what they’re eating? You’re never left in the dark – just take a look at our menu and you will see all the nutritional options we provide for your children.

Our curriculum also teaches children about Canada’s Food Guide so they can start to make healthy food choices on their own. Making their own healthy choices from a young age sets the foundation for a healthy lifestyle so we believe it is of utmost importance to get your children started!

Even though March is nutrition month, we believe in nutrition all year round! Book a tour with us to learn more about our nutrition program.

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