Protecting Your Family Against Cold Season

cold season

Winter has arrived once again, which means cold season has arrived as well. During this time of year, it seems as though we all take turns feeling under the weather, which means the cycle of being sick can get passed around your work, your child’s daycare, and even your family.

We all dread being sick. Rather than spending another season fighting through a head cold or sniffling your days away, why not take a look at some preventative ways to protect yourself, and your family, against cold season.

Tips for protecting your family against cold season:

  • Stay Away – This may be an obvious one, but try to avoid people who are already sick whenever possible. If someone lets you know they feel a cold coming on, politely keep your space and protect yourself from catching their cold.
  • Wash Up – Washing your hands often with soap and water is key during cold and flu season to rid yourself of unwanted germs you may have picked up. Lather up with soap for about 20 seconds each time before rinsing clean. Don’t forget to have your children wash their hands with you!
  • Hands Off – Avoid touching your face, specifically your eyes, nose, and mouth; especially with unwashed hands. The eyes, nose and mouth are a quick route for germs to get into your body, and get you under the weather that much faster.
  • Disinfect It – Much like washing your hands often, commonly touched surfaces should be regularly disinfected to further cut down on any lingering germs that may have snuck into your home. Counters, toys, doorknobs and handrails are a few places you should be giving a quick wipe a bit more frequently during cold season.
  • Get Dressed – Make sure you are dressing for the increasingly cold weather appropriately. You may think it’s no big deal the day you forget your scarf, but an unprotected neck can lead to a scratchy throat in a flash. Remember, as a rule of thumb, infants and young children should be wearing one more layer than an adult would in cold weather.
  • Check On It – Following daily weather updates before you head out for the day will mean you are dressing properly for the weather, and being preventative in protecting against a cold. Freezing rain or gusty winds are particular changes you should look out for to adjust your outerwear accordingly.
  • Keep Moving – Staying active during the winter months may not be as easy as heading outside during the summer, but it is just as essential. Staying active will help to build and strengthen your immune system when you need it the most.
  • Dine On – Eating healthy foods, similar to staying active, can also help strengthen the immune system, which will help fight against possible colds.
  • Sleep Tight – Getting plenty of sleep is always a good idea. Rest is essential in a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and has restorative powers like nothing else.

Unfortunately and despite our best efforts, sometimes a cold will catch up with us no matter how attentive we are. If you find yourself falling sick this year, many of the preventative measures listed above also work well in making sure your cold doesn’t last longer than it should.

Do you have any tips or tricks you swear by during cold and flu season to protect your family? Share with us in the comments below!

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