The Best Type of Childcare for Your Family

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When it comes to your family, you want nothing but the best. Your children are your whole world, and it is up to you to make the right choices to foster their learning and development. Choosing the right childcare option can have many contributing factors including location, program selection, and what best suits your family needs.

At Childventures, we focus on bringing out the best in your child, while facilitating their learning adventures in a safe, warm, friendly and stimulating environment. With Childventures, your child’s education, growth, and development are in good hands.

Still need more information? Let’s take a look at the core components, which allow Childventures to be a leader in child development and early childhood education.

Mission and Virtues

Our mission at Childventures is to come together with families to develop children to their fullest potential, and to do so with care, respect and love.

Through the Childventures Virtues Project, children cultivate the gifts of character including respect, patience and honesty to empower themselves and their families to inspire the practice of these virtues in everyday life. Each month is dedicated to a different virtue, where your child will experience moral and spiritual development through related activities on their own and with their peers.

Locations and Facilities

Childventures currently has four locations in Burlington, Ancaster, Richmond Hill and Vaughan, where your child can learn in a warm, safe and comfortable environment that feels like a home away from home.

Each centre is equipped with a number of features to facilitate your child’s comfort and development, and are designed to give you, as a parent, a peace of mind when dropping your child off for their day. Beyond the indoor / outdoor playgrounds, specialty rooms, and separate sleep rooms, Childventures offers oversized classrooms, a professional cleaning staff, as well as biometric hand / fingerprint scanners, allowing only approved adults into the building.

Programs and Curriculum

Childventures consists of four distinctive programs for designated age groups: Infant Program from 0 – 18 months, Toddler Program from 18 – 30 months, Preschool Program from 2.6 – 4 years, and the JK / SK Program from 4 – 6 years. Childventures also offers Before and After School Programs for elementary school students, and Camp Programs multiple times a year including Summer Holidays, March Break, and Winter Break, for ages 6– 10 years!

The curriculum at Childventures is a blended program, combining elements from three complementary teaching models: Montessori, High Scope and Core Knowledge. By combining these methods, your child has the opportunity to experience a unique, well-balanced program to further their education and early development, which other early learning academies just don’t offer.

For You, Parents

The principal Childventures focus is offering children the best experience possible, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about you! We have a number of resources available to ensure you always know exactly what is going on with your child’s education.

In addition to the News and Events section, you can also have a look at testimonials from happy Childventures parents, or even check up on your children using our secure, password-protected webcam to monitor your child’s progress in real-time.

If you are interested in learning more about our childcare options, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss any questions you may have about your child’s care or to book a tour at any one of our facilities.

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