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Curriculum Models

Early Learning Academy Curriculum

The best of three great models

Childventures combines elements of three complementary teaching models: Montessori, High Scope®, Core Knowledge® and Baby Signs. By using these proven methods together, we create a unique, well-balanced educational program that facilitates early learning and brain development.

In a creative yet structured environment, your child is introduced to numbers, science, French, music, computers, fine motor development, self-care skills and more. Teachers take on the role of the facilitator and encourage children to take the lead in their own learning, expertly guiding your child as they learn to understand the world.

Montessori Method

Applicable to all age levels, the Montessori method is based on two main principles: a child’s natural curiosity to learn and their love of gaining new knowledge and skills. Montessori is based on a child’s developmental need for freedom within limits, and a carefully prepared environment that offers exposure to a variety of materials and experiences. Everything a child sees, listens to, feels and tastes contributes to their learning.

In a structured, predictable, disciplined environment, Montessori allows children to make choices and follow through on their own learning. Children complete tasks and meet goals, resulting in a satisfying sense of personal accomplishment. Activities foster their inner security and sense of order. The goals are always to develop self-confidence and build independence – it’s an ideal way to prepare children to take control of their learning as they prepare for the future.

The advantage your child deserves.

Montessori + High Scope® + Core Knowledge® + Baby Signs in a magical, inspiring environment

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Through Montessori, children experience:

  • Practical life
  • Sensorial activities
  • Math
  • Geography
  • Language
  • Expression activities

High Scope® Model

High Scope® is a hands-on approach that encourages active learning. Starting in infancy, and progressing through the toddler level, children use all of their senses to experience new sights and sounds. High Scope emphasizes problem solving skills to help children increase their confidence as they make choices.

In High Scope®, children learn:

  • Sense of self
  • Social relations
  • Creative representations
  • Language and literacy
  • Movement
  • Music
  • Seriation
  • Numbers
  • Space
  • Time

Core Knowledge® Model

Used with children in Preschool, JK and SK, Core Knowledge® is a teaching method that emphasizes language development, creativity, group work, sharing and personal responsibility. It sets high expectations for all children, and integrates the teaching of skills and conceptual knowledge in a logical, step-by-step manner.

Literacy comes alive through nursery rhymes, poems, fairy tales and stories. Music, art, movement and drama help children express themselves and reinforce what they have learned. Children are encouraged to use their imaginations and take the lead by choosing the materials and experiences they want to use in their learning.

Core Knowledge® children are creative, motivated, literate people who enjoy working with others – skills that will be useful to them for the rest of their lives.

Through Core Knowledge®, children learn:

  • Movement and coordination
  • Autonomy and social skills
  • Orientation in space
  • Scientific reasoning
  • Music
  • Art

To learn more about our blended Montessori, High Scope®, Core Knowledge® and Baby Signs curriculum. Visit one of our 8 Childventures campuses conveniently located in Ancaster, Burlington, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Oakville, Milton, Aurora and Mississauga.


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