5 Things To Do This Father’s Day

Father's Day Golf

Are you wondering how you should spend Father’s Day this year? The best way to enjoy some family fun and celebrate Dad on Father’s Day is to think about the things he enjoys. Spend some quality family time doing the things Dad loves to do and the whole family is sure to have a great time! We’re sure Dad is excited to spend some time with his family, so we’ve compiled a list of fun things to do this Father’s Day.



Plan a family barbeque! Look up some healthy recipes or pick one of Dad’s favourites and test them out. They’ll also give you the opportunity to spend some quality family time together, enjoying the gorgeous weather.



Surprise Dad with his favourite breakfast – whether it’s bacon and eggs or waffles! The children will have fun helping prepare breakfast, while Dad will enjoy this lovely surprise in bed.


Play Some Sports

Does your Dad have a favourite sport? A great way to encourage healthy, active living is to incorporate some sports into your lives. Whether you’re throwing around a ball or going on a bike ride, getting active is a fun way to spend time with Dad. If you’re feeling creative, come up with a new sport like water balloon tag.


Board Game Night

A great way to settle down for the evening after playing outside is to enjoy some family time playing board games! Whether your favourite game is Monopoly, Cranium, or Apples to Apples, board game nights are a great way to enjoy the company of your family.


Father’s Day Golf

All of our current Childventures families are invited to our annual Father’s Day Golf Tournament on June 19 from 4:00-5:30. We look forward to seeing you there!

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