Leader in Me: Integrity


A person with integrity exhibits qualities of honesty and fairness when it comes to their values. They have strong values and are not easily swayed by those around them. A person with integrity is not easily corrupted, manipulated, or controlled. This makes a person with integrity a strong leader.

A leader with integrity acts on their convictions and stands up for their values. This quality makes for a strong leader, as those around them can rest assured that a person with integrity will not be quick to change their opinion or fall to someone else’s control. This does not mean that the leader should remain stubborn when they are in the wrong. The opposite is actually true, a leader with integrity is able to admit their defeats, but knows when to hold on to their values. Knowing the difference is key to maintaining their integrity.

Children should understand that the values they hold should not waver easily, while being taught to keep an open mind to new ideas. This stems from them having self-confidence in their own opinions, allowing them to become leaders with integrity.

Here are some of the ways children at Childventures Early Learning Academy practice integrity:

  • Thinking about what virtues they care about – determining what is an important value for a child is an important first step in developing the integrity to keep it.
  • Once children know what virtues they care about – they can begin practicing to stand up strong for what they believe in.
  • Learning from mistakes is a big part of the development children undergo. Learning from their mistakes allows them to form integrity.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing, but a leader with integrity knows that even when it’s hard, they must to do the right thing
  • Children who learn to be leaders in their own way are able to build integrity! They lead in a way that is true to themselves.
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