Leader in Me – Commitment

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Commitment is a virtue that means being dedicated to a cause, event, person, belief, or activity. Leaders are able to inspire commitment from their team, but they are also able to display commitment themselves.

This is an important virtue because it means so many things. A leader who is committed to the task at hand is trusted. Commitment also means putting in your best effort every time you work on something. This is important because people can sense when you are not all there.

At Childventures, we show commitment to every child by providing the best possible care. The students at Childventures also practice commitment when they make good decisions and give their all to whatever they do. They keep their agreements and are faithful friends.

They practice finishing the material they start, tidying up after themselves, and caring for classroom pets like the fish.

When we think before making a promise, we’re able to keep the agreements that we make and stay faithful to the people we care about. This lets us go the extra mile and become committed leaders.

We teach the children at Childventures to think carefully about what they want to do and to make decisions confidently.

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