The Leader in Me! Cooperation

children sitting in a circle

Do you ever feel as though tasks always go much more smoothly when everyone cooperates? Of course you do! We all know that cooperation makes completing a goal easier. A leader is someone who is able to facilitate this cooperation and act cooperative themselves.

A leader may do this by inspiring a group to work together by asking them kindly or a leader may show everyone how much easier things are to accomplish when everyone cooperates by taking the first step.

children playing together

When children learn the benefits of cooperation early, they are setting on the path to becoming leaders! They understand that working together rather than opposing one another is what gets things accomplished and it is what helps forge friendships and understandings between one another.

At Childventures, the children learn to co-operate by learning how to be respectful of the rules, considering other people’s needs, and work well with others. We encourage students to look for ways to be helpful, freely offer to help or share ideas, and do their part to make the classroom safe and happy.

reading together

Children at Childventures practice cooperation by helping clean up materials in the classroom, even if they weren’t the ones using them. They remind one another of classroom rules and play cooperative games.

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