A Day In The Life: A Kindergarten’s Day At Childventures

a day in the life

As your child continues to grow and develop, their educational experience continues to be an important influence in their skills and abilities. Once your child reaches the age where they are enrolled in a kindergarten program, it is also important that they are being prepared for a successful transition to grade school.

At Childventures, our unique and proven curriculum provides the basis for a full day of quality care and learning, in a safe and comfortable environment in which your child feels familiar with. The consistent routine created enhances your child’s learning experience, as well as your peace of mind as a parent.

Let’s take a look at what’s involved in a day in the life of a junior kindergarten or senior kindergarten student at Childventures:


Gathering at the beginning of each day is where children can say goodbye to their parents, and hello to their educators. With our teacher to child ratio, this is also the time when parents and educators come together to share their collective knowledge about each child in their home and school settings. These daily discussions creates an easy transition for the parents, the educators, and the children alike. While parents and educators speak during gathering, children are given the opportunity to have a free choice of their activities.

Opening Exercises

It is during opening exercises that children are informed about events and activities to take place throughout the day ahead of them. This time also includes a small reading, verse, or poem, which is shared for focus on values and beliefs as part of the Virtues Project. The virtues in education experience for the day will also be shared, and daily announcements are made at this time. The structure and routine of opening exercises mirror the morning announcements that occur in grade school, helping JK and SK children to become familiar.


Mealtimes at Childventures are used as social interludes to the day, based around participating, eating, and enjoying the food. During breakfast, children participate by helping to pass out napkins, setting the table, and even serving food. Throughout their days, children are exposed to food from a variety of cultural backgrounds, as the children eat together with the adults in small groups. Lunch is facilitated in a family style setting. Concluding lunch, the children engage in outdoor activities on the playground.


Children play together during outside time, inventing their own games and rules, while becoming familiar with their natural surroundings. Recess is designed for vigorous, active, and physical play; a time when children pursue active physical play with the support of attentive adults.


A large part of the Junior and Senior Kindergarten programs is the focus on an introduction and learning of an array of subjects. These subjects include: math, language (reading and writing), gym, French, history, geography, computer skills, music, art, and science. Structured activities, group work, and focused opportunities are presented to the children in order to explore each subject, and to experience and further their understanding of each area of learning. For example, a variety of art mediums are introduced to the children, and art materials are explored to develop their creativity and imagination.


Childventures’ curriculum is a unique blend of three complimentary teaching models. In the Junior and Senior Kindergarten programs, there is a specific focus on the Montessori Method as a guideline for subjects, activities, and learning opportunities. Within this method, the classroom environment functions as a living room for children, where they choose their activities from open shelves, and work in distinct work areas. Children are able to work independently using the components in the environment, with the educators being the link between the child and the environment. This learning environment is created to cultivate individualization, freedom of choice, concentration, independence, problem solving, and social interaction. Educators guide and observes the children while they choose their own activities, giving insight into each child’s preferences, abilities, and skill development.

The Junior and Senior Kindergarten Programs At Childventures

The many components of the Junior and Senior Kindergarten Programs at Childventures all come together to provide your child with the best possible educational experience. The optimal learning opportunities created through small class sizes, teacher to child ratios, and the blended curriculum model allows for focused attention for each and every child, as they are free to learn and explore activities based on what suits their strengths and interests.

Childventures believes in providing the advantage your child deserves, while encouraging a love of learning that will last a lifetime. The Kindergarten Program is an encouraging and interactive one for your child, all while preparing them for the grade school journey ahead.

If you would like to learn more about the Junior and Senior Kindergarten Programs at Childventures, please contact us today to book a tour at any of our facilities, and give your child the advantage they deserve.

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