8 Ways High Scope Promotes Child Development

high scope

A well-balanced focus on learning is essential in your child’s development, especially in the early years. The Childventures curriculum is based on a combination of elements from three complementary teaching methods: Montessori, High Scope and Core Knowledge. Each teaching method lends a different advantage to your child’s learning.

Starting from infancy and progressing into the toddler level, High Scope is a hands-on approach, which encourages active learning.

With learning skills including music, movement, numbers and time, here are 8 ways the High Scope learning method promotes child development for your little one:

  1. Emphasizes Problem Solving Skills

Social and emotional development is a large part of the High Scope method; valuable skills your child will use throughout their lives. By addressing conflicts through a series of steps, teachers encourage children to carry out conflict resolution steps independently.

  1. Encouraged Use of All Senses

Activities within High Scope can vary based on the group, age levels and school setting. Most activities encompass using multiple senses at once, with the main proponent of High Scope activities being active, hands-on learning.

  1. Education Through Movement

In the early years, children naturally like to move, sing and play. High Scope utilizes this fact to include developmentally appropriate activities into teaching methods.

  1. Fosters Decision Making Skills

Within the High Scope program, children have the opportunity on a daily basis to choose what they want to do and how they would like to learn.

  1. Promotes Independence

By having the opportunity to improve decision-making skills by choosing their own activities, children are simultaneously growing their independence. They become less dependant on teachers to instruct their whole days and look more to themselves for the answers.

  1. Cultivates Curiosity

Similar to promoting independence, children are encouraged to further explore what activities interest them, with the helpful support of their teachers. For example, if a child shows interests in mixing paint colours to create new shades, the teacher will facilitate this by gathering supplies for this activity.

  1. Increases Confidence

The High Scope method is specifically tailored to suit all students, regardless of background or ability. Children build off their own abilities and create a course for learning that suits and supports their learning interests.

  1. Creates Social Relations

Crucial communication and social skills are formed through interactions in a group setting including small and large group experiences and activities.


Childventures is proud to integrate the High Scope method into the curriculum for the Infant and Toddler programs. Please contact us to learn more about the curriculum.


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