The Best Educational Apps for Kids

The increasing reliance on technology in many aspects of life has and will continue to impact children from a very young age. This generation considers technology a regular part of their toy box and educational resources. Kid-friendly apps can give children a variety of learning opportunities that keep them engaged and motivated. Here are some of the best educational apps for kids that they are sure to enjoy but also contain a solid educational foundation.

Super School Kids

One of the best educational apps for kids is Super School Kids. This app was co-created by a team of early-learning educators who are constantly adding new and exciting content. With over 50 of the best educational kid’s games, nursery rhymes, songs & voiced books which cover the foundational knowledge every toddler or preschooler needs. Games include a variety of topics including learning the alphabet, basic phonics, spelling, math skills & counting, shapes, music, finances and so much more!

Math Bakery 1

Math Bakery is one of the best kindergarten apps to begin the learning adventure of core math skills within the enjoyable theme of a bakery. This app has been developed in co-operation with mathematicians and leading researchers to provide an interactive, easy to follow format. The result is an app which works to gradually improve self-confidence in addition and subtraction as well as develop a better fundamental understanding of numbers.


Based on a musical curriculum, Mussila is an excellent kid’s music app that allows children to play and create their own music. They can journey through engaging skill-building levels, by recognizing different instruments and defining rhythms and melodies. Rated one of the best music apps for kids, they can participate in a number of music-related activities. Children are able to record their own music and learn how to define rhythms and melodies by ear. They can even participate in interactive jam sessions.

ABA DrOmnibus Home

Developed to provide Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy at home, ABA DrOmnibus Home supports social skills and increases significant skills in language, attention, and comprehension to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  The app is based on ABA therapy and includes emotion recognition, colours, shapes, numbers, animals. This special education app provides 36 diverse games for children aged 3­–6 that support Early Intervention for ASD Children. Each game has been created by experts and tested at therapy centres to ensure a quality learning experience.

Code Adventures: Programming For Kids

Both parents and children over the age of 6 will enjoy this app. Code Adventures include carefully designed child-friendly puzzles which not only teach the basics of programming but also boosts logical thinking, problem solving and patience. This prepares children for future technology-focused career paths. The app teaches the basics of every modern programming language but in a child-friendly way.

Miao Mi- Learn Mandarin Chinese for Kids

One of the best language learning apps for children, Miao Mi is a Mandarin entertainment and educational kid’s app that teaches early learners Mandarin Chinese. They provide over 500 videos on demand, specifically designed for preschoolers aged 3-6. In addition, Interactive games provide immersive learning and cognitive development. The app uses loveable characters and visually appealing content to inspire the early learner.

Pili Pop Francais

Created by language experts, Pili Pop Français helps your child learn French while playing!
Their fun content aims to motivate your child to speak French on a daily basis. The unique voice recognition technology helps children to improve their pronunciation from the start. Your child learns to recognize and pronounce everyday words through fun and challenging activities. Plus, they discover new words each month to increase their vocabulary.

Usint the best educational apps for kids are an excellent way to supplement your child’s learning on a regular basis. Used in conjunction with other learning methods can help your child to reach their academic potential.

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