Happy Children, Happy Parents: Testimonials


Children have the unique opportunity to experience life as an adventure, and genuinely have fun when learning something for the first time. To foster this natural curiosity, it’s important to promote an interesting and interactive environment.

At Childventures, our goal is to create a warm, stimulating environment that feels like a home away from home. When your child feels assured and safe, they will open up to learning possibilities and experiences available all around them. Through these experiences, we hope to create a positive attitude towards learning that will last for a lifetime.

We are committed to the ongoing growth and development of each and every child. Often, parents will share their stories with us, detailing the positive impact Childventures has had on their children.

Check out some of the wonderful things parents had to say in their testimonials below:

Throughout the past 5 years, teachers and staff at Childventures have been a part of our family. They have actively partnered to provide development and growth opportunities while also genuinely caring for our children’s overall well being. Their online HiMama system gave us daily access and real time updates on what our children were experiencing each day – enriching our discussions with our children after school and allowing us to be more integrated into their educational experiences. We feel privileged to have had access to Childventure programs during the important early childhood education years. We absolutely recommend it to other parents.

  • Brent, August 18, 2015


It’s not easy to leave your little ones in just anyone’s hands. Childventures takes away that worry and replaces it with the knowledge that our kids are in a safe, nurturing and educational environment, surrounded by staff who love them. I am so blessed to have had my two girls at Childventures from such an early age. This is our last month for both of them and we will be very sad to leave but, We will be back in coming years for the Amazing Summer Camp!!!! Thank you to all the Warm and Caring Staff at CV you will never be forgotten!!

  • Melissa C, July 16, 2015


We are in LOVE with this daycare and all of the special people that work there. Our first daughter started at Childventures when she was just 10 months old and I was so apprehensive about leaving her. The infant team was phenomenal in transitioning her to the environment and making her feel at home. She is now in the toddler program and the teachers there are FABULOUS. All of the staff are amazing and everyone in each section knows my daughter’s name (and no, not because she is bad!) The teachers are warm and caring and devoted to her care and learning. They are receptive to any requests and are very accommodating in helping us with my daughter’s special need (hearing loss). My second daughter will be starting there soon and we look forward to both girls growing up at this daycare. Thank you to the Ancaster Team for taking care of my babies!

  • Regan F, May 22, 2015


We originally picked Childventures because of its facility, class size and location. After just one week, our daughter, Amelia, had already made new friends and was fitting into her class so well. Over the next month, we began to realize how wonderful her group of teachers were and how engaged Amelia became with learning new material each day. After such a smooth transition for Amelia, it was only natural that we would enroll our younger daughter, Sabrina into Childventures when she grew up.

From our experience, Childventures provides a complete education program and a nurturing environment that enriched both our daughters’ early development. The combined curriculum of Montessori and core knowledge was very well implemented. The fresh lunches and snacks prepared daily by the chefs smelled so good that we wished we could stay to eat with the children. Through the years that our girls attended Childventures, it was the warmth and caring given by each teacher that truly made a difference and we will always be thankful for.

  • Nikki, February 25, 2015


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