Boredom Busters: 7 Sure-Fire Summer Fun Activities

Summer seems like a time or endless activities. Backyard play, beach time, picnics in the park and more! However, as the summer drags on it is possible to grow tired of these options. As we all know, children have a way of getting bored easily. Never fear, here are 7 sure-fire ways to ensure a fun and innovative summer!

7 Sure-Fire Summer Fun Activities

1. Community Centre

Community centres are a fantastic resource for fun activates. Research the ones in your area to find their schedule for events, activities, playgroups and more! This is such an untapped resource by so many parents and can prove to be a boredom buster lifesaver!

2. Garden Time

Planting a backyard garden (or even a potted garden) is a fantastic way to teach kids responsibility. This is something they can watch grow all summer long and if you grow herbs, can even use in fun cooking projects.

3. Use The Internet

Not only are community centers a great way to find activities, but be sure to check online. Many websites will amalgamate local events by month and can help you plan fun, kid-friendly events whether it’s a free-museum day, farmers market and more!

4. Make A Day Of It

The most exciting days at school were always wacky hair day, pyjama day twin day or something of the like. So why restrict that to school days? Make your own! Plan fun themed days to inspire kids and bring out their creativity.

5. Camp Time!

Even if it’s just in your backyard, use your tent or borrow one from a friend or neighbour to create a fun, rustic experience! If you’re able, even make a campfire and eat s’mores. Yum!

6. Did Someone Say Road Trip?

Do you have any out-of-town friends or family? Pay them a visit! You can even make an adventure of it by taking the train as a new experience.

7. Read The Book, Watch The Movie

There are so many books turned into movies, this is nothing new. However, it can be a fun experience to have your child read a book and watch the movie and then discuss the differences and similarities.

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