Spread The Love: National Siblings Day

Sunday April 10th is National Siblings Day! More than just making sure to give your brother or sister a hug, this is a day to let them know how truly grateful you are to have them in your life. Why not throw your own sibling appreciation party!


Sharable Food

Since this is after all a sibling appreciation party it only makes sense that there’s an element of sharing involved! Be sure to incorporate sharing foods such as pizza, cake, a giant cookie, oranges and the like. Anything that involves sharing and cooperation is just the ticket!


Activity Time

If sharing food isn’t enough to foster cooperation then we suggest some activities! Find some brainteasers, riddles, puzzles and the like to encourage your children to work together to solve the problem!


Letter Writing

There no better way to encourage self expression and self confidence than having your children write a heartfelt letter saying what they appreciate about that other. This will work to both improve writing and expression skills while making their other siblings feel great about themselves!


Story Time!

Make reading time a collaboration. Allow each child to choose a short book and take turns reading both. Everyone wins and they can enjoy their favourite characters together.


Photo Shoot

Before all this magic is said and done, be sure to snap photographic evidence! Stage a cute shot of your little ones smiling and happy together as a memory of National Siblings Day 2016! Maybe this will become a beloved yearly tradition!


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