9 Ways To Promote Baby Development

baby development

From birth to 12 months, your child is learning and developing more and more each and every month. This first year of an infant’s life is a wonderful time to set the building blocks to a lifetime of exceptional growth and development.

There are ways to be continually involved in your child’s development throughout their life; and the first year is the time where you can really take steps to help your child learn.

There is a lot of information available regarding raising your infant, which can be overwhelming. We have put together 9 ways to promote baby development.

9 Ways to Promote Baby Development:

  1. Be Affectionate

Children, and especially infants, flourish when they are shown affection. Holding your baby close to you and engaging in regular human contact will help to develop motor skills and will stimulate their senses. You can start this as soon as your baby is born. This is one of the most important things you can do for your infant.

  1. Talk to Your Baby

Along with showing your baby affection, regularly talking to your baby can help to develop their language skills right away. Using exaggerated faces will help them to identify tones and emotions, and you will be able to start differentiating between sounds and cries for their needs as well.

  1. Help Your Baby Feel Safe

Infants function and develop when they have a sense of security and safety around them. Integrating regular baby activities, such as feeding, naps, playtime and reading, in their days will help them to recognize a sense of familiarity and confidence.

  1. Add Toys to Play

Around 6 months, your infant’s motor skills are developing to the point that they are able to sit up and grasp objects. At this point, you can introduce toys that facilitate baby development, such as interactive toys with colour, pop ups, sounds and textures. Your infant will be more engaged when they are experiencing something new to them.

  1. Play Interactive Games

In addition to toys, infants will respond well to games in which they are interacting with another person. Peekaboo is a great example of an interactive game you can play with your infant. Interactive play enhances emotional and facial expressions and allows you as the parent to participate with your child at their level.

  1. Promote Independence

Once you have introduced a number of games, toys and activities such as peekaboo, let your infant choose what they would like to do. By beginning to make their own decisions, infants will become more independent and further their development.

  1. Cultivate Curiosity

Children of all ages are naturally curious. Similar to promoting independence in your infant, letting them choose their activities and further explore what interests them is a great way to encourage the growth of their natural sense of curiosity and subsequently their development.

  1. Provide Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition is absolutely essential in the growth and development of children at any age, and infants are no exception. Nutritious foods support both learning and overall health. A proper balance of hydration and fresh, balanced meals will aid in the overall development of your infant.

  1. Choose Child Care Carefully

When you have been the main caregiver of your infant, it may be hard to allow someone else to help out. When choosing a child care facility, there are a number of things to consider, including: curriculum, group sizes, and care givers. Most of all, make sure your goals and values for your child align with your family values.

Baby Development At Childventures

At Childventures, we work closely with parents to understand the unique schedule and needs of each infant. With daily written communications of your child’s day, you will always feel connected regarding your child’s development. To learn more about our Infant program, contact us to book a tour.


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