The Leader in Me: Loyalty

lend a helping hand

When someone exhibits loyalty, they show devotion to a group, a person, or a cause. Loyalty is a trait that is often expected of those following a leader, but rarely is it attributed to the leader themselves. We believe it is extremely important for leaders to be as loyal as their followers.

holding hands

A loyal leader knows to praise team members, protect them from criticism, and confront missteps in private. A loyal leader does not leave anyone behind; they know how to show that everyone is important. Loyalty is built on trust, so a leader must be honest and forthcoming in order to also be loyal.

When children learn the value of loyalty, they learn how to become great leaders. They grow more inclusive and accepting of others, as loyalty to those around them means not leaving anyone out. Loyalty means being there for one another and trusting one another.

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At Childventures we practice loyalty first, by being loyal to ourselves. We stand up for other people and for ideas that we believe in. We are faithful friends when our peers need someone and we avoid letting others come between ourselves and our friends. We commit to others and to our beliefs. We choose friends carefully, so that we can be friends for a long time.

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