How to Make Spring Cleaning Fun For Your Children

spring cleaning

We all know that sometimes getting children to help clean can be a daunting task. Spring cleaning is a great time to get children involved in chores and helping you around the house.

At Childventures, our Montessori curriculum prepares children for activities such as spring cleaning through Practical Life Activities. Practical Life Activities are a founding principle of Montessori. They help children gain control and coordination of their movements while also teaching them about the activities of daily life and how to be independent.

When you are preparing to undertake spring cleaning with your child, there are a few ways to make the process easier for both of you.

Before You Start

Your increasingly independent children like to feel like they have control of the situations they are in, so before you start cleaning, discuss the plan with them. Talk to them about the importance of cleaning and teamwork. Have a list of tasks ready –and check them off as they are completed.

Make It Fun

Chores can be boring whether you’re an adult or a child! Here are a few ways to make chores a bit more fun:

  • Play upbeat music and reward yourselves for completing a task by taking a dance break
  • Turn cleaning into a game – like racing to finish cleaning something first
  • Joke around while cleaning to keep the attitude light-hearted
  • Sing together while you clean
  • Wear silly hats while you clean
  • Work as a team in one room so you can talk and laugh and no one feels lonely

Some More Advice 

When you introduce your child to chores, start them off young. This may not require much effort on your part – young children love to mimic the adults in their lives, so if they see you sweeping in the kitchen frequently, they will be more inclined to lend you a hand.

It also helps to break up the activity when cleaning, so your child doesn’t become overwhelmed with the work. Taking snack and play breaks are encouraged!

Encourage your child even if their cleaning is not quite perfect yet. It’s better for them to feel comfortable and encouraged doing the chores and to gain the skills over time, rather than to feel discouraged out the gate.

Most importantly, have fun spring cleaning!

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