Fun In The Sun: How To Protect Your Little Ones This Summer

There is nothing better than getting out and about and on a beautiful sunny day. The warm weather and cool treats makes for so many fun activities to be had. While enjoying the fun it can be difficult to remember that warm weather has a few setbacks. Ensuring that you stay properly hydrated, have the right sunscreen and bug repellent and a bevy of other safety precautions can help make sure you’re prepared. Don’t let these obstacles keep you from having the most fun possible! Here are a few key ways to stay safe and have fun in the sun!

How To Protect Your Little Ones This Summer


While preparing for a fun filled day of adventure outdoors this summer, remember these essentials:


Early and Often

That is the golden rule of applying sunscreen! You want to make sure that you’re applying sunscreen well before you actually set foot outdoors. This gives the lotion a chance to sink into the skin and really start taking effect. What’s more is the type of sunscreen you’re purchasing. Not all sunscreens are created equal! You want to look for ‘broad spectrum’ sunscreen that protects from both UVA and UVB rays. While we suggest using SPF 30 it’s important that you don’t go any lower than SPF 15. Be sure to apply at least 30 minutes prior to leaving the house and then every 2 hours after that (or even sooner if you deem necessary.)


Calm and Cool

While you may be itching to let your little ones enjoy the sunshine, it’s vital to remember that children 6 months and under get hot much quicker than both older children and us. That being said, it’s also highly suggested that you do not put sunscreen on little ones 6 months and younger. So what does this mean? It’s important to keep them in the shade when outdoors on a hot sunny day and dress them in lightweight clothing that keeps them cool and protected from the sun.


Put A Lid On It

The great thing about hats is that they protect you from the sun AND can be stylish! Make sure your little one is shielded from the sun by getting them to wear a hat when playing outdoors. To make it fun, even let them pick out a new one this summer so that they’re excited to put it on and there’s no struggle when it comes time to get ready for outdoor play.


Protect Your Peepers

You may not know this but children’s eye have not developed to the same extent as adult eyes. This means that their eyes our not as effective as an adults in filtering out UV rays and actually take in 3x the amount an adult does. Yikes! An additional safety precaution can be to find your child UV protecting sunglasses – not the adorable cheap ones you find in many children’s clothing stores.


Loose and Light

When dressing your child for a day in the sun remember to keep it loose and light. Light clothing won’t attract heat the same way dark colours do and also help the sweat to wick and evaporate quicker. Loose and flow-y options are also great because they allow air to circulate. Cotton is a fantastic lightweight material and if you’re feeling really ambitious you can even find SPF clothing that can go up to 50SPF!


Pausing Playtime

Although we admit there’s nothing better than getting out and about on a beautiful sunny day, you want to ensure that you’re not playing during peak hours. The hottest times of the day usually fall between 11am-3pm. Be mindful of the temperature and how long your children have been playing outside during these hours. Make sure that you’re taking breaks in shaded areas or going inside for a blast of chilly AC. This will make sure everyone is happy, hydrated and safe.


Pour It Up

Water, water and more water are essential on hot sunny days. It’s easy to forget hydration and end up feeling light headed and sick. Coconut water and cold milk are also great options for ensuring optimal hydration. However, you want to stay clear of sugary, caffeinated drinks such as sodas, sugar loaded juices and even sports drinks. That’s because these beverages can have a diuretic effect and leave your little one more dehydrated than when they started.


Now that you’re equipped with these handy and essential summertime tips you’re ready to get out in the sunshine! To learn more about Childventures and the many advantages of our comprehensive curriculum, click here.

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