10 Fun Family Activities

Man, woman and child sitting together

With all of the stress and uncertainty in the world right now, take this as an opportunity to be with your family. Don’t stress about making every activity be in line with your child’s exposure to the Childventures curriculum. Children learn from their surroundings – they truly are little sponges. They will take away something from every game that you play and every story that you read. With that in mind, here are 10 activities you can do together to create quality time as a family. 

1.Board Games 

Dig out every board game in your house and get the whole family around the table. If you don’t have any child friendly board games at home, don’t worry about it. Use one of your simplest games and make up some rules! 

2. Hide and Seek 

An easy activity that you can do with no resources. You may see your children and their friends play this all the time but now it’s your turn to join in on the fun. Let us know who’s better at hiding! 

3. Family Karaoke 

Get ready to hear ‘Let it Go’ a dozen times in a row with this option. You can find YouTube videos with karaoke versions of every song imaginable. Sing some of your favourites, some of your children’s favourite and make a night of it.

4. Card Games

If you don’t have any board games on hand, take out a deck of cards. You can take them anywhere and they’re easy to clean up. Goldfish is a good option or you can let your child make up the rules if you’re feeling patient!

5. Cook Together

This one has a little curriculum in it. There are SO many opportunities for practical life activities while cooking. Stirring, peeling and chopping just to name a few. Your kitchen might get messy but children love being able to help out.

6. Puzzles 

Doing puzzles with children can be difficult depending on their ability to focus, but working on something as a team is a wonderful bonding experience. If you don’t have any child-friendly puzzles at home (think under 30 pieces) then you can find some digital options and work on those. 

7. Build a Fort

This is a messy one but it’s worth it. Take out some sheets and blankets and set up a small fort that is just big enough for you and your child to lay down in. You can use it to read together, watch a movie on a laptop or just take it down if building it was enough fun! 

8. Watch a Movie Together

Don’t just sit on the couch and throw the movie on, make it an experience. Dim the lights, make some popcorn, get some blankets and hot chocolate. You can even print out some fake tickets and money and have them buy the movie pass from you! 

9. Simon Says 

This can be a blast to play with your children. Make sure you let them take over as ‘Simon’ and you will be sure to do some strange things. 

10. Star Gaze 

If we have any warmer nights, lay outside in your backyard with pillows and blankets. Google some star placements and constellations beforehand and see if you can find them.

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