Feeling Safe With Your Childcare Choice

You wouldn’t trust just anyone with your children, and at Childventures we understand that. That’s why we haven gone above and beyond to ensure that when you drop your child off for the day, you leave feeling safe, and secure with your decision. Here are a few of the measures we have taken to ensure your child is safe and happy all day long, where they can feel in a home away from home.

feeling safe pic

Biometric Hand and Fingerprint Scanners

No measure is too secure when taking your child’s well-being into account. That’s why we only allow approved adults to enter the building. This ensures that the only adults able to enter the building at any times are Childventures approved staff or parents. This implementation offers assurance and trust within our parents, and is one of our top touted security features.


Professional Cleaning Staff

From runny noses, seasonal coughs and colds, to everyday activities, children can make quite the mess! We implement a professional cleaning staff to ensure that your child’s learning space is sterile and safe every day.



It’s natural that you want to see what your child is up to during the day. It’s comforting to be able to look in on them, and see their happy, smiling face, even when you’re busy at work. To accommodate this, we have webcam’s in all our locations to give you insight into your child’s activities and daily routine. These webcams are also password protected to ensure that only parents are allowed to view them.


Team Values

Who we employ is one of our greatest attributes. In order to ensure that we are continually at the forefront of early development and education, our team attends professional development workshops and professional development days regularly. We also only hire Certified Early Childhood Educators; nothing is too good for your child!


Making certain that you as a parent you feel confident leaving your children with us is our number one priority. To learn more about our initiatives and our state of the art facilities, visit our website for more information.



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