Does Play Matter?

Did you know that play is how a young child discovers the world around them? It is how they learn about everyday objects and become familiarized with the world.

parents play

Play Doesn’t Need to Be Fancy

Young children don’t need to play with expensive toys in order to provide the most successful learning experience. Playing with household items and discovering their uses and the different things they can do with those items can be just as exciting. In fact, finding different uses for these items can provide an enriching experience for them.

Play With Parents

parents play

According to this Huffington Post article, play with parents is one of the most important factors for children development. When children are young, their parents guiding them through play is largely how they interact with the world. As children grow older, their parent’s guidance becomes the basis of their self-directed play.

Play to Learn

According to this study, children who were exposed to more play had higher IQs, more self-control, and less aggression. Play made it easier for children to adapt to social situations and learn values like compassion, sharing, and empathy.

At Childventures, our blended curriculum (Montessori, High Scope and Core Knowledge) provides your children with the opportunity to play while learning. In a creative yet structured environment, your child is introduced to numbers, science, French, music, computers, fine motor development, self-care skills and more, and is able to explore many of these areas through play.

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