Development Milestone: Language Development

Form 16 to 18 months is when your child will begin to develop their language skills. During this time period you can typically expect first words, vocabulary development and the making of memories! Here are some more things you can expect along with a few tips to foster this milestone’s development!

First Words

It’s predicted that by 16 months your child understands the bulk of what you’re saying. Even if the way they communicate can be described mostly as gibberish, chances are they know what you are trying to communicate. Your child will spend the majority of their second year honing in and refining their language skills as they’ve been doing since they were in the womb. As with most developmental milestones, “there’s a wide spectrum of what is considered normal in a toddler’s language development,” says Greg Sonnen, MD, a pediatrician at Baylor University Medical Center, in Dallas. “Some toddlers may say only two words, while others speak a dozen or more by 16 months. Their articulation skills aren’t great, though, and many times a word means something only to Mom and Dad.”

Growing Vocabulary

After your child starts to develop their first words, the next step in this milestone will be stringing these words together in sentences.  Perhaps not in a sophisticated way, but instead if they see the family dog eating out of the cat’s bowl, they may say, “bad dog!” Their sentences and stringing words together are more often than not commands, “More juice” “Where’s Dad” and the like.

Your Role

It’s no surprise that children whose parents consistently talk to them from a young age using a variety of words develop better language skills sooner. Every parent worries about their child’s language development skills but as long as your child is listening to conversations, being responsive via facial reactions and emotions and generally seems to understand what’s being said to them, they’re on the right track!

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