Development Milestone: Curiosity & Independence

From 19 to 21 months is when your child will start to develop a sense of independence, and display curiosity. This is because, during this time period, your child is honing in on their fine motor skills while continuing cognitive development. You’ll notice your child going from messy scribbles, to intentional curls and squiggles with movements that seem more deliberate. Wherein before a child would messily and randomly stack rings on a stick, you’ll notice a more meaningful approach in attempting to order them in size. This is an integral period of your child learning essential problem solving skills, and the foundation for independent learning. Here are ‘’ insights on this specific milestone’s characteristics.

Fun Facts about Baby’s Development

What Baby’s Doing:
Month 19: Enjoys imitating animal sounds, scribbles with a crayon, and views herself as the center of the world
Month 20: Experiences rapid mood shifts, names familiar objects and people, and combines two or more words to form basic sentences
Month 21: Sorts and organizes objects by common attributes, includes a second person in pretend play, and can walk backward and climb up a staircase

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