Cozy Up with the Best Winter-themed Children’s Books

A kid reading a bok

Amidst the chilly weather and frosty landscapes, there’s nothing quite like cozying up with your little ones and immersing yourselves in some good winter-themed children’s books. We have handpicked a collection of winter-themed children’s books that are sure to create lasting memories and kindle a sense of wonder during this beautiful season.

7 Winter Must-Reads for You and Your Little Ones

1. Bear and Bird’s Winter Wonderland Adventure, by Jonny Lambert

The charming illustrations and captivating narrative of this endearing tale will transport you and your child to a snowy wonderland as the pages turn. Join Bear and Bird on a magical journey through a snowy wonderland. With peep-through pages and captivating illustrations by Jonny Lambert, this delightful book will delight children aged 3-5. Explore the winter forest and uncover surprises along the way!


2. First Snow, by Bomi Park

In the depths of winter, when snowflakes fall delicately from the sky, share the wonder of this magical season with your little ones through the pages of First Snow. The beautifully illustrated book evokes a sense of peace and tranquillity as a child ventures outside to explore the enchanting winter landscape. This gentle tale will warm your hearts like a cozy blanket on a snowy day.


3. Winter Lullaby, by Diane White

This is the best bedtime story to read to your child on a chilly night! Snuggle up together and follow Mama Bear and Baby Bear as they prepare for hibernation. This heartwarming picture book shares tales of winter’s wonders and gently lulls your little ones to sleep with its captivating storytelling and comforting illustrations.  


4. Over and Under the Snow, by Kate Messner

This captivating book takes you and your little one on a journey through the hidden world beneath the snow. Follow a young girl and her father as they explore the various animals and their winter habitats, from hibernating frogs to burrowing voles. The beautiful illustrations by Christopher Silas Neal bring the winter landscape to life, inspiring your child’s curiosity and appreciation for nature during the winter season. 


5. Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats

Follow the adventures of Peter, a young boy who wakes up to a snow-covered world. This timeless classic celebrates the joy and wonder of a snowy day, as Peter explores and discovers the magic that winter brings.


6. Owl Moon, by Jane Yolen

Embark on a nighttime adventure with a young girl and her father as they search for a great horned owl. Set against a winter backdrop, this beautifully illustrated book captures the quiet and captivating moments of a moonlit winter night.


7. The Mitten, by Jan Brett

Delve into a Ukrainian folktale as a young boy’s lost mitten becomes a cozy shelter for a series of woodland animals. With intricate illustrations and a heartwarming story, this book teaches valuable lessons about kindness and sharing during the winter season.

Embrace the joy and wonder of the winter season! 

Whether you’re exploring a snowy wonderland, discovering the magic of first snow, or sharing soothing bedtime tales, these stories will warm your hearts and captivate your imagination. So snuggle up with your little ones and let these books transport you to a world where winter’s beauty and adventures come to life!

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