A Guide to the Childventures’ Curriculum Model

curriculum model

Unlike other early childcare facilities that follow only one teaching model, Childventures provides a unique learning experience for your child, with an entirely unique curriculum model. Blended from three complementary teaching models, Childventures combines elements from each method of learning to offer the advantage your child deserves.

Childventures combines the Montessori, High Scope, and Core Knowledge teaching models to facilitate early learning and brain development. This blended curriculum, coupled with a creative yet structured environment, introduces and teaches your child about: numbers, science, music, self-care skills, fine motor development and more.

Here is a detailed overview of each teaching model, as well as how they are integrated into the overall learning at Childventures Early Learning Academy.

The Montessori Method

The Montessori method, named after Dr. Maria Montessori, was developed based on observations of children. This method focuses on independence, freedom within limits and an emphasis on a child’s natural social development. The two main principles taken from this method and applied to the Childventures curriculum model are: a natural curiosity to learn, and the love of gaining new knowledge and skills.

Suitable for all age levels, the Montessori method uses an exposure to a variety of materials and experiences. Children make choices and follow through on their own learning to meet their development need for freedom, within limits. This allows children to take control of their learning to prepare for their future, complete tasks, meet goals and have a sense of personal accomplishment.

Through focuses including math, geography, language, expression activities, and sensorial activities, children learn about practical life, develop self-confidence and build independence.

The High Scope Model

The High Scope model emphasizes “active participatory learning”, meaning children have a direct, hands-on experience with their own learning, particularly with people, objects and ideas.

The High Scope method begins in Infants, and progresses into the Toddler program. Children use their senses to experience new sights and sounds, exploring movement, music, numbers, space, time, language and literacy through active learning.

By focusing on problem solving skills, children increase their confidence by making choices, gaining a sense of self and cultivating social relations, through elements of High Scope.

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The Core Knowledge Model

The Core Knowledge model emphasizes language development, creativity, group work, sharing, and a sense of personal responsibility. Integrated into the Preschool and kindergarten programs, children are encouraged to use their imaginations and choose the materials and experiences they would like to use in their learning.

Language development and literacy is taught through nursery rhymes, poems, fairy tales, and stories, while creativity is fostered through music, art, movement and drama. Practicing these experiences through movement and activities, help to reinforce what children have learned, adding to their knowledge in a cumulative manner.

Through elements of the Core Knowledge model, children will learn music, art, scientific reasoning, orientation in space, movement and coordination, social skills, and autonomy.

Benefits of the Childventures Blended Curriculum Model

Each of the three complementary teaching methods used in the Childventures curriculum, Montessori, High Scope and Core Knowledge, have elements that add to and aid in your child’s learning experience. This well-balanced educational program facilitates early learning and brain development.

With this curriculum, the educators at Childventures take on the role of the facilitator of the child’s education, allowing children to take the lead in their own learning and supporting your child as they learn to understand the world.

For the Infant, Toddler and Preschool programs, the blended curriculum helps develop self-confidence and independence, fosters their curiosity and supports each child’s unique learning style. This last point is key, as each child is unique and may learn at a different pace than others, which must be supported and acknowledged to continue a seamless educational experience.

For the Kindergarten program, the blended curriculum helps develop a positive attitude towards learning, which will stay with your child throughout their educational journey. This curriculum also builds concentration and develops initiative and persistence. These qualities, fostered through the Childventures curriculum, will stay with your child not only throughout their education, but also as they progress through life into their teens and adulthood.

To learn more about the blended curriculum model at Childventures, please contact us to arrange a tour at any one of our four campuses.


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