Building Essential Skills

building essential skills

Building essential skills is a necessary part of every child’s learning, growth and development. Beyond the practical educational subjects, Math, Music, Geography and Language, it is important for children to begin to create a catalogue of essential skills, which will encourage and eventually allow them to take the lead in their own learning.

Built into the Childventures Curriculum are a number of core skills that help your child prepare for their future. Additionally, the Virtues Project integrates precious values into the curriculum to further ingrain the importance of learning essential skills and performing them, while bringing out your child’s fullest potential.

Through both the curriculum and Virtues Project, we are able to outline the essential skills your child will build during their time at Childventures.

Movement and Coordination

Beginning in the infant program, Childventures incorporates movement into the curriculum. Integrating movement into daily activities not only helps to grow and improve coordination skills, but also encourages active learning.

Movement and coordination are essential skills for children, at any level. For Infants, movement starts to create a sense of themselves as well as the world around them. For Toddlers, movement fosters independence. For children in Preschool and beyond, movement enforces the idea that physical and active learning is a part of everyday life and coordination helps them to better express themselves.

Building Independence

Through a structured learning environment, children at Childventures have the opportunity to make choices, as well as follow through on their own learning. Through these actions, children set and complete goals and tasks. It is through this feeling of accomplishment which children develop self-confidence, as well as build independence.

By leading their own learning, children foster their own inner sense of order. By being reassured in their choices upon completing their goals, children are encouraged to continue to lead their own learning.

Creating Social Relations

Social relations are an extremely important part of any child’s life, and will continue to be a skill that impacts them moving forward. Childventures assists children in building their social relations skill set by having activities in small and large group settings.

Through group activities, children have the opportunity to share and play together. By working with other children, they are able to understand that, though there is a time and a place to practice their independence, there is also a time where they must work alongside other people. This essential skill will continue to play a part in their learning throughout their education.

Cultivating Character

The Childventures Virtues Project is intertwined in the blended curriculum, in a way that supports the moral and spiritual development of everyone, helping them to live by their highest values. While practical essential skills, such as movement and coordination, are important, the strength of a child’s character, developed through practicing virtues in everyday life, is what will drive them to act as their best selves.

The Virtues Project allocates one virtue to each month of the year, differing between the Preschool and JK/SK program. Each month, the virtue is introduced in the daily activities and the children learn what they mean. In August, the Preschool children learn about Friendliness, while the JK / SK children will learn about Courage.

Building Essential Skills at Childventures

At Childventures, we believe that building essential skills is a vital part of your child’s learning, which is why we integrate such skills into our curriculum and everyday programming at every level. To learn more about how we help your child build essential skills, please contact us to arrange a tour at any one of our four facilities.


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