Best Qualities For An Early Childhood Educator

The reasons why individuals choose a certain profession can offer insight into the traits they need to perform their job well.

5 Qualities That Make A Preschool Educator Successful

In a recent survey of 43 early childhood educators, published in “Beyond the Journal: Young Children on the Web”, the researchers found that the vast majority of respondents wanted to become early childhood educators at a young age in order to make a difference in the lives of the children and ensure that they got all the opportunities and nurturing they deserved and needed. All participants also claimed that their profession was a good match for their personalities and life goals.

So, what are the qualities that qualify one to achieve fulfilment in a career as a child educator?

  1. Passion

    In the survey, the participants claimed that enthusiasm and drive are the most important qualities for early childhood educators. Every job has its unique challenges, and for the childcare industry, some of the shortcomings include financial and physical challenges. Educators who are passionate about impacting the lives of children can be motivated enough to rise above the challenges.

  2. Perseverance

    It is important to exercise tenacity and dedication when advocating for what you believe is best for the children with regard to their education issues or other needs. You should be prepared to have your voice heard.

  3. Pragmatism

    As a early childhood educator, you must be able to choose the goals to pursue carefully, and occasionally settle for small wins as you work towards a bigger, long-term goal.

  4. Patience

    Patience is equally as important as pragmatism, especially when dealing with children and their families. Managing a classroom of young children with differences can be quite challenging for many educators. Children generally need to be constantly reminded before they can grasp something new.

  5. Flexibility

    It is important that early childhood educators are able to deal with sudden changes and unexpected turns in a swift manner, and find an alternative that works well. You must adjust your pace and accommodate the individual and group needs of the children within your care.

Other important qualities

In the study, the respondents also claimed that they must exercise respect, creativity, authenticity, charisma, high energy, and love for learning. Children are very perceptive when it comes to judging character, and they respond accordingly. So, educators must be highly competent at their job.

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