The ABCs of Healthy Eating

children abcs of healthy eating

A – All foods

All foods can fit into a healthy diet! Eating healthy does not mean you can no longer enjoy eating. Instead, eating healthy means serving some foods more than others. Those foods are the ones that provide nutrients children need for proper development. Those that should be limited are the ones that are not healthy, such as foods that are high in fat, sugars, and salt, while lower in nutrients.

B – Balance

Balance your diet and your lifestyle! Make sure your child is eating things from each food group every meal to maintain a balanced diet. In addition, you should also encourage your child to stay active. If your children don’t love to play sports, you can encourage them to be active in other ways. Go on a walk with them, engage in play, or encourage an active lifestyle.

C – Choice

An important part of eating healthy is choice. Children should learn to choose healthy foods in order to develop healthy habits in the future. Providing them with two healthy snacks is a great way to get children to practice exercising this choice!

Choosing a variety of foods to eat each day is also important in allowing children to develop taste preferences for a variety of foods. It also keeps healthy eating interesting!


Our Nutrition Program is built with your children’s health in mind.

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