7 Indoor Activities To Do With Your Children This Winter

To keep your little ones from getting bored every time you’re snowed in, you are probably always in search of some fun and easy things to do with your children to keep them entertained. Here are some awesome indoor activities to keep your kids engaged this winter:

iHow To Keep Your Kids Busy Indoors This Winter

  1. Indoor Volleyball

    It is fairly easy to transform your living room into a volleyball court, and you don’t even need a net. Instead, you can simply unwind a ball of yarn and tie the string to opposing walls. For the ball, simply blow up a balloon and then try to keep it from falling or going over the line. Take turns hitting and serving.

  2. Pop Bottle Bowling

    Simply fill up the bottles with coloured water, arrange them nicely and start knocking them down. Take turns with your children knocking down the bottles by rolling a ball. Remember to keep score like a regular bowling game.

  3. Cookie Decoration

    Kids love sweet and beautiful things, and cookie decorating can easily become their favourite pastime activity. You can choose to purchase pre-made dough or whip up your own, and then decorate the cookies for as little as $5. You can also cook and bake together as you stay warm in the kitchen.

  4. Treasure Hunt

    This is a very simple activity that requires you to hide an awesome prize that your kids are interested in, like an ice cream cone, video game, or even a voucher. Then, conceal clues in envelopes that are well hidden around the home, building on one another until the prize is found.

  5. Make A Movie

    Many children love to act, record, and then watch themselves on video. You can use your Smartphone or tablet to record their performance, which could be singing, dancing, or simply playing with their toys. You can even create a short film on your PC. Your child will definitely love watching themselves on video.

  6. Mystery Bag

    Children love surprises. So, consider filing an opaque bag with items from around your home, and then allow the little ones to stick their hand in the bag to latch onto any object. Ask them to describe what the item feels like, and then guess what it is. Take turns filling the bag and guessing what is inside for several items.

  7. Play Easy Games

    There are numerous games you can play with your kids indoors, including puzzles, board games, playdough, or cut snowflakes on white paper.

Lastly, you can always sit down with your children and help them come up with their own list of all the things they’d like to do indoors when bored. Then, make an activity jar and put the list inside for them to choose from.

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