5 Ways To Get Your Child Excited About Math

Both boys and girls can get excited about math if given the appropriate stimulus and encouragement. Yes, it is really possible! Math is part of everyone’s life, young and old. Money, measurement and time are just a few examples of the applications of math. Although computers and calculators make computation easier these days, the analytical skills needed to be mathematically competent are essential to its true understanding.

Get Your Child Excited About Math

Parents are a child’s first teachers, so how you approach math will give your child their lifelong attitude about their own abilities.

There are countless simple ways to get your child excited about math. We will touch on just a few.

Give Your Child An Allowance

It’s been a practice forever, but besides teaching responsibility, it can create an excitement about math. Regardless of a child’s age a small defined allowance for certain chores will begin their understanding of money and math.

Have them save their allowance money in a jar or piggy bank each week. Then make a point of having them sit and count the totals each week. Let them choose a toy or treat they want to buy, and ask them to figure out how long it will take to have enough money to purchase it. This will create skills for a lifetime.

Make Math Part Of Everyday Life

The grocery store lends itself to many creative ways to get your child build excitement with math.

  • Counting how many bananas in a bunch will lead to counting and estimation skills.
  • Compare the prices of your child’s favourite treats. Ask them to determine the difference in prices as well as the weight differences. Which is the better choice?
  • Ask them to estimate whether the total purchase will be over or under a certain amount.
  • Tell them you only have a certain amount to spend and ask them to decide when you are reaching that maximum amount.

Each trip can be a different fun game.

Playing Monopoly is another way to incorporate math skills into a fun family affair. Or, why not make a pizza and ask how many slices you can get after cutting it with five straight cuts?

Pretend They Are A Shopkeeper

This presents endless examples of how important math skills are. How much to charge? How much change to give a customer? How much more money do you need to buy a certain item? Add up the final sales totals.

Start Young

Toddlers are ready to begin the essentials of math. Play a game with blocks to see how many they can use to build a tower before they fall down. Count them each time and challenge them to improve by adding one more, two more, etc.

Use Available Technology

Take advantage of some free website tips.

Even if you weren’t the best student in math, you can give your child a jumpstart in not only being proficient in math, but also being excited about it.

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