5 Parenting Apps You Need to Download Right Now


As technology continues to advance, we all have opportunities to take advantage of the ways it can make our lives easier. Being able to communicate, connect and explore through technology are just some of the ways we have experienced these changes for the better. As a parent, there are tons of things everyday you must balance to make your child’s day run smoothly. You may have even found yourself wondering, is there a better way?

Whether you’re an organizer, a list keeper, or simply love to find new ways to make you and your child’s life easier, there is an app for you. Take a look at these 5 incredible parenting apps you absolutely must download:

  1. iHomeopathy

Children will be children, and that can mean unexpected bug bites, bumps, and bruises, even for the most careful and prepared of parents. iHomeopathy is an at your fingertips guide to treating first-aid emergencies, ailments, and common illnesses. While this should in no way replace regular doctor visits or allergy tests, this app is great to have in a pinch, and will give you the piece of mind that medical advice is tucked away in your pocket at all times.


  1. Baby Brain

Designed by nurses, Baby Brain is a great app for first-time parents, or any parents with an infant or newborn. With this app, you are able to log when your child ate, slept, was changed, or needed medicine. You are even able to input their next doctor’s appointment. This comprehensive record is a great way to help you get organized, and stay organized. The best part? Baby Brain can be used for multiple babies at the same time!


  1. Baby Pack & Go Packing List

Whether you are taking a family vacation, or just heading out on a play date, you must make sure to have everything on-hand that your child may need. Baby Pack & Go Packing List is an extensive packing and travel checklist for any occasion. The app comes pre-loaded with ready-made lists for busy families, but also gives you the option to add your own custom lists, and add to the catalogue of items to be packed. For example, does you child have a favourite toy they absolutely will not sleep without? Add it to the catalogue, and make sure it is added to every list. Baby Pack & Go will make sure you never leave that special toy behind again!


  1. Mom Maps

Baby Pack & Go is a great app for planned outings, and will make sure you are never left unprepared. While you will be prepared with all the items your child needs, what about the activities? Mom Maps helps you find things to do with your children while you’re away from home. Including playgrounds, restaurants, museums, and indoor play areas, Mom Maps makes sure you are pointed in the right direction when you are away from home. This app is great for anyone who is planning a vacation with some extra unplanned time, or will be a great help if a play date further away from your home is suddenly cancelled. Make sure you are always in the know of child-friendly places around you at any time.


  1. PBS Parents Play and Learn

While most of these apps are suited specifically for the use of you as a Parent, it’s always good to have your phone loaded with something your children can enjoy as well. Unlike many other apps that are simple, mindless entertainment for children, PBS Parents Play and Learn teaches children new skills and vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. Much like reading or other learning games, this app is something you and your child can experience together. One of the best parts of this teaching app is that it is absolutely free!

These apps are just a few examples of how parents can take advantage of technology to make their lives, and the lives of their children, easier, more organized, and more entertaining! At Childventures, we believe in introducing technology to children in a healthy, monitored way as part of their everyday learning.

If you would like to see how we integrate technology into our curriculum, contact us to book a tour at any one of our four locations.

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