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Virtues program

Virtues program

Cultivating character

Character building begins at a young age. Positive experiences in a diverse environment will have significant long-term effects on a child’s world view. Our focus at CV is to develop the whole child and provide the tools for our students to be compassionate citizens of the world.

The Virtues Project is a global initiative that has been in existence for 30 years and is used in more than 135 countries. The Virtues Project curriculum is incorporated in our programming beginning with preschoolers and continuing through to JK/SK.


Common thread that unites humanity

While values are culture specific, virtues are universally valued – they are the common thread that unites humanity. Virtues are our inner strength and represent the content of our character. Respect, integrity and trustworthiness are a few examples.

At CV, we nurture 48 virtues that set the foundation for children’s view of themselves, their peers and community. This program showcases how being a good person is something to be celebrated and that children should be proud of themselves when they are kind, loving and honest. The Virtues Project nurtures children in the skills and qualities they need to be successful in school and life.