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Passionate, qualified team

CV truly is a community of lifelong learners, passionate about instilling that love of learning in the next  generation of leaders. We believe in ongoing  communication and an open-door approach which leads to an environment based on trust and respect. People  are our greatest assets. Without them we wouldn’t have such passionate advocates for your children. Our team is comprised of professionally qualified educators.

The privilege to support children during their critical period of brain development inspires our team to become lifelong learners themselves.
Twice a year, our entire organization comes together to cultivate company culture, and ensure new learnings are delivered seamlessly.
Our team engages in curriculum training to ensure we can offer the most up-to-date forms of our curriculum models.
Passionate about early learning
Professional development
Continuous training

Partnering with families to
ensure long-term success

Partnering with families to ensure long-term success

CV early childhood educators work hard to establish connections with your children right from day one by building inclusive and supportive classroom environments. Children will only flourish if they trust and forge real connections with those around them. Our educators are committed to accommodating the individual needs of every child.

The CV team believes in a culture of kindness which extends to our children, families and amongst each other. Our educators let their creativity soar as they spark imaginations and deliver an engaging, rich program for our children.

5 - Culture of Creativity
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As a parent, what can you expect from your
CV team?

  • Will respond within 24 hours of question
  • Two formal meetings per year to meet with your classroom educator
  • Receive daily reports from teachers
  • All educators are easily accessible via Kindertales communication app
  • Opportunity to meet with the Centre Director as required
  • Kept abreast of campus news in monthly newsletter
  • Community building events throughout the year
  • Regular posts on social channels