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CV Infant Program

CV Infant Program

Dynamic learning starts early

Leaving your infant in someone else’s care can cause feelings of anxiety. We understand because we are parents too and have gone through it ourselves! Be rest assured, our infant educators are passionate about their work and will support you and your child during the transition phase. Through thoughtful interactions, CV educators form strong bonds with each child to create a sense of security that allows them to thrive.

The CV Infant curriculum is a blend of Baby Signs and High Scope with an introduction into Montessori methodologies. Our mission is to foster independence, so children develop with confidence.

Language and cognitive skills are developed through a sign language program created specifically for infants.
Baby Signs
Each CV campus includes a biometric hand scan system and classroom cameras to ensure parent peace of mind.
Safety & Security
A collaborative and creative approach to learning, that employs small group learning to foster early socialization.
Infant vertical lmage - establishing an early foundation section

Establish an early foundation
of learning in a loving environment

CV is more than just an infant daycare. Our curriculum is designed to cultivate early communication skills and builds a foundation for language development in a safe and loving environment. In conjunction with parents, our educators are focused on engaging children to reach developmental milestones, while caring for the individual child’s emotional needs.

Our program is adaptable to meet your baby’s unique needs and schedule. All of our infant classrooms include a separate sleep room so babies can sleep on their own schedule and those that are awake, can engage in activities with their educators.

We also provide all day camera access and continuous updates via a dedicated app so you’ll never miss a moment of your child’s development. Your infant will be lovingly cared for in a safe and secure environment while beginning their educational journey.

With 20 + years experience in the industry, you can feel confident when leaving your children in our team’s care.

1 teacher to 3 children

Separate sleep room

Daily reports

Unlimited camera access

Key developmental milestones

By the end of our Infant program, your child should be
able to:

  • Distinguish same from different
  • Experiment with cause and effect relationships
  • Begin to make discrete marks on paper
  • Match pairs of objects by colour
  • Make a choice when asked
  • Pull self-up to a standing position
  • Imitate adult in simple task
  • Begin to place large puzzle piece in appropriate spot
  • Inspect and manipulate objects
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