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Early learning, not daycare

At CV, we deliver an accredited, evidence-based daycare curriculum you will not experience at any other childcare centre. Our methodology is rooted in the belief children are born with an inherent love of learning, and it is our job to build upon that desire. We believe a balance of academic, creative, social and emotional experiences are crucial in laying the foundation for early learning.

The CV proprietary program is comprised of a blend of four scientifically proven curriculum models that can be adapted to meet each child’s unique developmental journey. While learning approaches might be different, each model has the same cornerstones in terms of providing students with academic experiences, opportunities for collaboration and creative expression while optimizing emotional health.

A structured, independent curriculum model empowering children to learn at their natural pace in carefully curated environments.
A collaborative, creative approach to learning that employs small groups to foster socialization in the infant and toddler programs.
A sequential learning model that strengthens children natural creativity, delivers opportunities for socialization and fosters emotional intelligence.
Core Knowledge
Rooted in scientific research, Baby Signs limits frustration, builds confidence and lays the foundation for language development.
Baby Signs

Academic opportunities

At CV, we deliver our academic experiences in a manner that children heartily respond to. After 20 years of operations, we know what resonates with them. These child care programs balance parallel and cooperative learning in addition to left and right brain development. We provide a comprehensive program that covers core curriculum areas such as Math, Language, Cultural Studies and Science in addition to Art, Drama, Music, Technology plus practical life and gross motor skills. We ensure our program is challenging while individualized allowing every type of learner to thrive.

Emotional health

Fundamental to the learning process is the belief in one’s own unique abilities and having emotional support when it is required. Nurturing children’s self-esteem and self-confidence is a core principle of our philosophy. Children are encouraged to discover and nourish their sense of self at CV. Daily small group learning opportunities provide moments of concentration with fewer distractions which allows children to reset and rejuvenate for the remainder of their day.

Virtues Program
Space & Time

Collaborative learning

At CV, children participate in both small and large group settings which represents an enormous opportunity to learn. A CV child learns 21 st century skills as they collaborate with peers while they discover their sense of self, problem solving skills, making (and maintaining) friendships and so much more. While educators guide these experiences, children are intentionally empowered to work in partnership with their peers to prepare them for grade school settings. The results are confident and resilient learners who are empathetic to those around them.

Creative expression

Fostering children’s imagination and natural creativity is a vital developmental milestone in their educational journey. Imaginative play is the “true work” of children. The opportunity for children to utilize our specialty rooms of art, music, drama and computers in small groups stimulates a deep sense of wonder and creative expression in a way that no normal classroom can. Children have boundless creativity; our programing allows them to transform that childhood wonder into functional creative thinking as adults.