Tips To Get Your Child Ready To Go Back To School

Back to School

Whether your child is attending preschool, kindergarten or returning to classes, there are some simple ways to help make their transition into the school year a happy and productive one. You’ll need to take some practical steps, such as scheduling and providing them with the necessary tools, however it’s also important to prepare your child mentally and emotionally for the upcoming year.

If you’re feeling the weight of an upcoming school year and aren’t sure where to start, use the below tips to ensure your child is prepared for all aspects of the upcoming year.

Get a head start on learning

Encourage your child to read in the time prior to school so that the pattern endures throughout the year, or read to them. Children learn many important skills from reading, as well as useful lessons. Choose books about school or topics that are relatable him or her. As well, there are at-home learning activities you and your child can participate in to prepare them for the tasks ahead. Learning the alphabet, writing their own name, simple math and art, for example.

Practice behaviours

There are many skills that are important for your child to learn in order for them to have a great school year. Listening and self-reliance skills are important, but you should also teach your child the best way to handle conflicts that arise. Send a child with only items they can do themselves, such as zip up coats and velcro sneakers. As well, reading books about bullying or dealing with conflicts at school will help them to better prepare.

Emotional preparation

Beginning school for the first time, or entering a new school year, can bring a level of stress to both you and your child. Buy school supplies and clothes together in an exciting trip, bringing a positive attitude toward school. It’s recommended to visit the school together and get to know the teacher. As well, speaking with other parents will help you to better learn any concerns they might share.

Preparing your child for school is simple by taking these steps. Emotional, mental and practical preparation are all important facets of the new year. As well, your child’s school year would greatly benefit from before or after school programs.

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