The Childventures Scorecard: Parent Survey Results

Childventures Early Learning Academy is a very positive place for children, parents and team members. We are proud of the results that our recent parent survey reinforced high satisfaction with the quality of care that we provide for young children. This was evident within all of our Childventures locations. Let’s review how each site scored according to parents this year!


Score: A+

Ancaster parents trust the high level of care and nutrition program at Childventures, as 98% of parents rated both favourably. Families were also happy with the program curriculum at Ancaster demonstrated by 96% of parents rating it favourably.

The average score for every category was over 4.25 points out of 5. This shows great satisfaction in all areas that Childventures offers.

Detailed Scores:


Program Curriculum: 4.57

Qualified Teachers: 4.49

World Class Facility: 4.53

Nutrition Program: 4.61

High Level of Care: 4.61

Some comments from parents:

Our daughter is extremely happy and flourishing within the environment that has been created at Childventures. We communicate daily with her teachers and this is key to helping us all be on the same page with her development. We truly appreciate all the sincere interest that is paid to her development!

The teachers at CV continue to amaze me with their creativity. Trace is my personal favourite. When my son had some anxiety starting JK, she had this brilliant creative idea of creating this mini booklet with CV room pictures which was then attached to his pant loop. That way, he could see what ‘room’ is next and how many more ‘rooms’ to go through until he got picked up. That helped him immensely and for a while was his security blanket. He is now in SK and STILL talks about it.


Score: A+

Burlington’s program curriculum was most praised by parents, as 96% of them rated it favourably. It was closely followed by our nutrition program which 93% of families rated favourably. On a scale out of 5, no category had an overall score lower than 4.5!

Detailed Scores:


Program Curriculum: 4.60

Qualified Teachers: 4.52

World Class Facility: 4.55

Nutrition Program: 4.63

High Level of Care: 4.57

Some comments from parents:

I would not trust my kid’s education, care and nutrition anywhere other than Childventures. The teachers are outstanding, demonstrating genuine interest in the curriculum but also children’s personal development. The nutrition is amazing and exposes our children to a variety of foods. I would recommend Childventures whole heartedly to anyone.

I feel that CV provides an excellent first step toward independence for children and peace of mind for the parents. The teachers have always provided my kids with the one-on-one attention they needed at the beginning of each day if/when they were feeling a bit sad. I never had a moment of hesitation leaving my kids at CV. I knew they were in good hands and I feel that by the time they leave, they are well prepared to move on. The facility is always clean and my children rave about the food they were served. I have always highly recommended Childventures to friends/family.

Richmond Hill

Score: A

Parents raved about Richmond Hill’s facilities, with 99% of parents rating them favourably! Richmond Hill scored higher than any other Childventures location in terms of its facility. Coming in second was the nutrition program, which 90% of families rated positively. On a rating score out of 5, no category scored lower than 4, showing that the location excels in all standards.

Parents can feel comfortable leaving their children here, as they know they will be healthy, safe and happy!

Detailed Scores:

Richmond Hill-Results

Program Curriculum: 4.30

Qualified Teachers: 4.14

World Class Facility: 4.73

Nutrition Program: 4.58

High Level of Care: 4.30

Some comments from parents:

My child has been with CV since she was 11 months and we have been extremely pleased with the care and attention she has received. The curriculum is also very good and she has learned a lot.

Overall, we are very happy with the quality of care provided and with how wonderful the teachers are with our daughter. We always look forward to the daily reports to see what she has learned that day.


Score: A

The Vaughan facility stood out most to parents, with 87% giving it a favourable rating. The program curriculum comes in at a close second, where 84% of families rated it positively. The average score for each category is greater than 4 out of 5 points, showing that the Vaughan Childventures location is a great place for children to learn and grow!

Detailed Scores:


Program Curriculum: 4.39

Qualified Teachers: 4.08

World Class Facility: 4.47

Nutrition Program: 4.25

High Level of Care: 4.10

Some comments from parents:

I am happy to see my son being excited about his teachers and little friends in the childcare. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your child enjoying his time there.

I really like Childventures and am so happy to have my child here. Everyone is so nice and kind to my baby and us and so thoughtful and responsive to our needs!

For each Childventures location, we have gained meaningful insights from our parents responses about their families experience with us. It is our intention to work responsively in the upcoming year to accommodate the feedback that you provided! Thank you for your participation!

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