Testing Children’s Eyesight Before School Starts

It’s almost that time of year again! Back to school!

This year, you were on top of things; you got your children all the proper supplies, clothing, and backpacks. There’s one last thing you shouldn’t forget before sending your child off to school in September – eye exams!

I see I learn

Learning and eyesight are linked for children. It is important not to send your child off to school if they have vision problems that you may have not detected. Vision problems can manifest themselves in a variety of ways, far beyond being unable to see far or up-close properly.

This video shows how learning can be affected by vision.

It’s worthwhile to have your child’s eyes checked so they can achieve their full potential while at school! That’s exactly what the Eye See… I Learn program is for! We have partnered with Eye See… I Learn, which provides comprehensive eye exams for children enrolled in kindergarten and help all children get the best start to learning!

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