7 Ways Summer Camps Improve Your Child’s Life

There’s no denying summer camps make for an exciting and beneficial experience for your child. Summer camps are a great place for children to develop their sense of adventure and learn in a new hand-on environment. The opportunity for play and learning are endless at summer camps and it’s no wonder that summer camps are such a positive experience for your child. Here are some ways your child will be taught to excel at summer camps.

1. They’ll be Physically Active

Exercise is made fun! Children will spend their time outdoors playing sports, organized activities, or even running around with their friends. It’s a great way for them to stay active and healthy.

Summer camps increase activity!

2. Time for Play

Your children need time for both structured and unstructured play to explore their sense of self. Summer camps bring them both options!

3. Building Life Skills

Besides learning outdoor skills, summer camp teaches children new life skills. Through play, interactions with others, and fun daily activities, children will learn to make their own choices, participate in a team, and leadership skills at camp. Camp nurtures children while they try new things and endure setbacks or experience successes, overall, making them more resilient.

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4. Make Great Friends

Who doesn’t remember their camp friends? Children learn to get along with others, stepping outside of the comfort zone of school, where they likely already know everyone.  

5. Unplug

If you think your child spends too much time in front of a TV, computer, or video game screen all day, maybe it’s time to unplug. Camps give your children a fun, adventurous, and exciting alternative to staring at a screen all day.


Get away from the TV and play outside


6. Independence

Decision-making, teamwork, leadership. We already mentioned all these great things camp will teach children. All these life skills make for a more independent child.

7. Environmental Awareness

Learning about the importance of nature is easiest when your child is spending time in nature. Camp lets this happen! Your child’s time with nature will lead to a new found respect for it when they return.

Your kids will be more environmentally conscious

Camp is a great experience for any child! If you want this experience for your kids, sign them up for Childventures Summer Camps now!

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